• International Journal for Human Caring

    Edited by:
    Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

    ISSN: 1091-5710 (print), 2578-2304 (online)

    The International Journal for Human Caring (IJHC), the official journal of the International Association for Human Caring (IAHC), is a peer-reviewed quarterly which serves as a forum for identifying major philosophical, epistemological, and professional dimensions of care and caring to advance the body of knowledge of human care.

    IJHC is designed to:

    • Assist nursing and other disciplines to use care and caring knowledge in human relationships.

    • Explicate the nature, scope, and functions of care and caring and their relationship to nursing.

    • Identify the major components, processes, and patterns of care and caring in relationship to nursing.

    • Stimulate and support nurse scholars and other professionals worldwide to systematically investigate care and caring.

    • Disseminate research findings about caring and share knowledge through publications, public forums, and research conferences.

    Authors from all disciplines are encouraged to submit manuscripts which meet these purposes.

  • International Journal of Childbirth

    Edited by:
    Michelle L. Murray, PhD, RNC-OB

    ISSN: 2156-5287 (print), 2156-5295 (online)

    The International Journal of Childbirth (IJCB), is a quarterly, peer reviewed publication.  The mission of IJCB is to disseminate original research, theoretical insights, case studies, and authoritative opinions that enhance evidence-based safe practice in prenatal, antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartal care.  

  • Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

    Edited by:
    Bruce Reed, Ph.D.

    ISSN: 0047-2220 (print), 2639-7641 (online)

    The Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling (JARC) is the official publication of the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA). JARC is published quarterly: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

    JARC is a journal of thoughtful reflection on best practices concerning clinical issues, evidenced-based practices, emerging issues, and research including literature reviews of topics fundamental to best practices focusing on people with disabilities. JARC addresses the needs of rehabilitation practitioners employed in a wide variety of work settings and with wide-ranging professional interests. Manuscripts of direct practical value to rehabilitation counselors are particularly encouraged. Also welcome are reader comments, book and media reviews, and editorials of significant interest to members of the Association.

  • Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology

    Edited by:
    William Wahl, PhD

    ISSN: 1945-8959 (print), 1810-7621 (online)

    Research on the mechanisms of human cognition is leading to a deeper understanding of how the processes of thinking, problem solving, attention, perception, and memory affect learning and lead to more effective strategies to enhance learning in educational settings from pre-K to adult education. Publishing new peer-reviewed issues twice a year, The Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology (JCEP) presents in-depth articles on theory and empirical research as well as current practice and effectiveness of cognitive assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, cognitive education, and psychology around the world. Readers include those in education, cognitive psychology, special education, adult education, educational psychology, school psychology, speech and language, and public policy.

  • Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy

    Edited by:
    Eric A. Storch, PhD

    ISSN: 0889-8391 (print), 1938-887X (online)

    The Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal devoted to advancing the science and clinical practice of cognitive-behavior therapy. This includes a range of interventions including cognitive therapy, rational-emotive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness approaches. The journal publishes empirical papers, including case studies, along with review articles, papers that integrate cognitive-behavior therapy with other systems, and practical "how to" articles.

  • Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice

    Edited by:
    Stephen A. Ferrara, DNP, FNP, FAANP
    Mara L. Berta, DNP, MPH, RN, AGACNP-BC
    Kristine M. Kulage, MA, MPH

    ISSN: 2380-9418 (print), 2380-9426 (online)

    Now expanded from a biannual to a triannual format, the peer-reviewed Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice (JDNP) focuses on research that demonstrates clinical excellence in the application of evidence-based practice of doctoral nursing.

    JDNP publishes articles concerned with clinical practice and patient care; case studies; practice issues, including management, scope of practice, and reimbursement; ethical dilemmas, legal issues, and business practices; and innovative methods of teaching and evaluating advanced practice and profiling the scholarly nature of the clinical practice of nursing. Submissions from DNP students are also welcome.

  • Journal of EMDR Practice and Research

    Edited by:
    Jenny Ann Rydberg
    Derek Farrell

    ISSN: 1933-3196 (print), 1933-320X (online)

    The Journal of EMDR Practice and Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication devoted to integrative, state-of-the-art papers about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a broadly conceived interdisciplinary journal that stimulates and communicates research and theory about EMDR, and their application to clinical practice.  The Journal of EMDR Practice and Research is the Official Publication of the EMDR International Association. Please visit their site for full information about the association and its activities at www.emdria.org.

  • Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

    Edited by:
    Jing Jian Xiao

    ISSN: 1052-3073 (print), 1947-7910 (online)

    Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning is the official biannual peer-reviewed research journal of the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education. The journal’s mission is to disseminate scholarly research related to: the financial decision making of individuals and families; financial education and financial counseling techniques; and the education of professional financial educators, counselors, and planners. Research concerning all audiences, both U.S. and international, is encouraged.

  • Journal of Nursing Measurement

    Edited by:
    Janice L. Hinkle, PhD, RN, CNRN

    ISSN: 1061-3749 (print), 1945-7049 (online)

    The Journal of Nursing Measurement is a peer-reviewed journal that specifically addresses instrumentation in nursing. Published three times a year, the journal serves as a prime forum for disseminating information on instruments, tools, approaches, and procedures developed or utilized for measuring variables in nursing research, practice, and education. Particular emphasis is placed on evidence for the reliability, validity, sensitivity, and specificity of such instruments. The journal includes innovative discussions of theories, principles, practices, and issues relevant to nursing measurement.

  • The Journal of Perinatal Education

    Edited by:
    Wendy C. Budin, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN
    Judith A. Lothian, PhD, RN, LCCE, FACCE

    ISSN: 1058-1243 (print), 1548-8519 (online)

    With new issues published on a quarterly basis, The Journal of Perinatal Education (JPE) is the leading peer-reviewed journal specifically for childbirth educators. Through evidence-based articles, the JPE advances the knowledge of aspiring and seasoned educators in any setting--independent or private practice, community, hospital, nursing or midwifery school--and informs educators and other health care professionals on research that will improve their practice and their efforts to support natural, safe, and healthy birth.