If you have an account on Connect, but don't remember your password, there is an easy way to reset it .

1. Click the "My Account" button at the top right of the site

My Account Menu

2. At the next screen click the "Forgot Password?" link

Forgot Password Link

3. Enter your email at the next screen and click "Submit". You will be emailed a six-digit code to enable you to reset your password. Please check your inbox (including junk/spam) for an email with the subject "Your Springer Publishing Connect password reset"

Enter your email address

4. Enter the six-digit code you received in your email in the first box. Then enter the new password you would like to use in the second and third boxes and click "Submit"

Enter code and new password

5. At the next screen click either the Connect logo or the "Return to Website" link to return to Connect

Return to website link