Essential Procedures for Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings

A Clinical Companion








This book is the most current and heavily enriched, ultrasound-guided procedure book for advanced clinicians in emergency, urgent, and office settings. The book’s intention is to aid students and professional providers alike (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians) in performing common and not so common procedures in these clinical settings. It is meant to be an expansive clinical companion that is easy to understand and follow while providing pertinent anatomy and physiology at a depth that helps the professional caregiver to comprehensively understand the procedure, not simply memorize sequential steps. In addition to the ultrasound and videos, the third edition, has expanded photo illustrations and videos. Additionally, there is also a chapter on interprofessional approach to procedures. Recognizing the growing and robust use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to enhance the accuracy of numerous bedside procedures and diagnostics, the book is heavily enriched with POCUS content, which can be used to improve our ability to perform many procedures safely and accurately. There are two chapters dedicated to sonography that describe in detail the intricacies of this imaging modality. Also, the book has been expanded greatly to include 17 new chapters of more advanced procedures, with added depth of content and updated information to previous chapters. The book is organized into 16 units covering the spectrum of simple, common, complex, and less common procedures performed by clinicians in emergency, urgent, and office settings. This collection of thoroughly described procedures is intended for use as a clinical companion and is an easy-to-use reference when performing such techniques. Current evidence-based literature has been utilized during the writing of this manuscript. Didactic learning and hands-on experience are required for safe skill acquisition before performing any procedure. To support clinicians in their learning, this book includes, when available, evidence-based best practices for procedures.

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