Emergency Nurse Practitioner Core Curriculum









Emergency care encompasses the evaluation, management, and treatment of patients across the lifespan with unforeseen illness or injury of varying complexity. This book provides an outline of essential knowledge and information for the practicing nurse practitioner providing emergency care, emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) students, and ENP graduates of fellowship and academic educational programs. The Core Curriculum has been prepared to aid in gaining and renewing knowledge to care for patients across the life span, including addressing the complexity and acuity in the emergency care setting. Each chapter in the table of contents is organized in the following way: Content is written within the framework of the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners (AAENP) Certification Practice Analysis (Blueprint). This core curriculum provides succinct and pertinent details regarding management and care. The book also provides documentation information resources for the reader. There are references to the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) resources. Citations to the most current editions are included. The book has incorporated diversity and inclusion throughout the chapters. Readers will notice that medication classes are noted unless only one particular medication is recommended within evidence-based guidelines. This decision was made due to the rapidly changing medical management recommendations, the new additions of medications, and to avoid inappropriate medication dosages recommendations. It is the most authoritative one-of-a-kind evidence-based practice book for the ENP, which offers a holistic approach throughout. This core also serves as a comprehensive review guide for the ENP studying for the emergency nurse practitioner certification (ENP-C). It can also be utilized for instruction by faculty in academia. The book provides a new approach to emergency medical care from the advanced nursing practice perspective, ensuring an all-inclusive approach to care in the emergency and urgent care setting.

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