The Encyclopedia of Elder Care

The Comprehensive Resource on Geriatric Health and Social Care








This book provides a convenient reference for the latest advances in gerontology and geriatrics. The fourth edition is meant to bridge the information gap between research and practical application. It represents the combined efforts of 254 authors on 254 topics. Each entry provides a concise overview of the essential elements of elder care. The content represents the major practice fields: social work, psychiatry, medicine, and nursing. The complex and interrelated health, social, and psychological problems of older adults delivered in community-based and institutional settings frequently require input from multiple health care providers. The target audience is not a single discipline, but rather any direct-care clinician or administrator of such services. The alphabetical ordering of entries is provided to assist the reader in easily locating a topic. The entries include access to care, bereavement, care management, dementia, elder neglect, falls prevention, gait disturbances, headache, iatrogenesis, joint replacement, leading age, Medicaid, neuropsychology, obesity, palliative care, rehabilitation, sleep disorders, telehealth, urinary incontinence, validation therapy, wandering and elopement, and xerostomia.

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