A Guide to Mastery in Clinical Nursing

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Transition to professional nursing practice is one of the major areas of concern for both nurse educators and clinical nurse leaders, who are employing new registered nurse graduates. This book assists the generalist registered nurse (RN) in transitioning from one clinical area to another. It is also for those who want to know the primary clinical problems that RNs may encounter in each of the selected clinical areas. The book covers around 285 topics in alphabetical order across eleven clinical content areas. The clinical content areas included are an emergency and critical care nursing, geriatric nursing, health systems and health promotion, medical-surgical nursing, neonatal nursing, nurse anesthesia, obstetrics and women’s health, palliative care nursing, pediatric nursing, perioperative nursing, and psychiatric mental health nursing. The book includes a comprehensive compendium of clinical nursing content areas. Each clinical content area includes the key clinical nursing problems encountered in generalist nursing practice, followed by an overview of each clinical problem, pertinent clinical background, clinical aspects for the nurse (assessment, nursing management and clinical implications, and outcomes), and a summary. All of the clinical areas included in this book focus on the generalist RN, except for nurse anesthesia practice. This compilation will also be useful to clinical nursing faculty teaching beginning students. It provides information that is both concise and practical for students as they enter each clinical area. Nurse faculty find it useful as a synopsis for clinical problems encountered in a specific clinical area.

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