Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Practice Guidelines









The need for an acute care textbook has been growing. This evidence-based resource provides nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other advanced practice providers (APPs) with the clinical knowledge they need to effectively practice adult-gerontology acute care. In quick-reference format, this system-based text describes more than 90 common conditions health providers are likely to see in their acute care practice. In this interprofessionally contributed text, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and physician authors provide expert insight into each condition, enabling readers to categorize symptoms, be alert to the distinguishing features of disease symptoms and clusters, and find associated diagnoses. Comprehensive descriptions of conditions encompass definitions, incidence, pathophysiology, common signs and symptoms, vital subjective and pertinent physical exam data, differential diagnoses, diagnostic tests, and evaluation and management plans. This handy, accessible text also includes perioperative considerations, discharge guidelines, treatment and disease management algorithms, and procedural guidelines. The book disseminates over 20 procedural guidelines, such as central and arterial line insertion, bronchoscopy, ECMO, endotracheal intubation, and more. It is organized into four major sections. In Part I, the contents are arranged by body system and include the most commonly encountered diseases and conditions that are seen in acute care. In Part II, perioperative considerations are included because surgery is often the main reason for hospitalization in the acute care setting. In Part III, procedures that are commonly performed by APPs are included, as well as videos for certain procedures when a visual demonstration can be particularly helpful. Part IV addresses special issues that are unique to the acute care setting. The topics addressed are transitional care, end-of-life issues, health promotion, hemodynamic monitoring devices, and telemedicine. The appendix provides normal lab values as a reference tool for APPs. There may be slight variations from institution to institution that may be attributed to different vendors.

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