Field Guide to Telehealth and Telemedicine for Nurse Practitioners and Other Healthcare Providers









Telemedicine is one of the quickest growing field inside of medicine. In one form or another, it has been around for generations. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the various academies of specialties and state board of medicine or nursing all offer opinions on the efficacy and need for digital health platforms. An organization must analyze the base information from these resources and formulate how to implement in their own organization. This is not an easy task, but to use the road already paved by others and build upon it eases the burden. This book answers these topics and enlightens emerging providers, administrators and payers to the benefits of telemedicine and telehealth. With knowledge comes power and the ability to effect change. The future of telemedicine is in the hands of those who are rendering the services. The technology can and always catch up to the demand. The legislation and business need to be motivated to change. This comes with continued proof that this method of practicing medicine is cost-effective with high patient and provider satisfaction. Deciding if the complaint the patient is presenting for is appropriate for the digital platform is important for the successful completion of the telemedical or telehealth visit. While the provider cannot perform a physical exam via telemedicine, there are techniques that can be implementing uses family, or another trusted person. The book discusses means for self-evaluation and or coaching family and friends through the physical exam. Special equipment can be utilized to also assist in the digital physical exam. Telehealth can also include medical education, administrative care, training events and follow up evaluations with nurses, dieticians, physical and occupational therapists. Telehealth also incorporates the ability to provide medical education and offer an ability to provide in-service to providers and staff.

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