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13: Shopping Addiction




Shopping and spending are key aspects of life in the United States (U.S.) and the accumulation of debt is common. In today’s society, there are numerous ways that people can shop, from outlet stores and shopping malls to television shopping networks and e-commerce platforms. Shopping addiction entails the loss of control over one’s buying behavior, engaging in compulsive shopping activities, continuing to shop despite negative consequences, and craving or becoming mentally preoccupied with shopping. Individuals with shopping addiction seek to make purchases to regulate emotions, enhance self-esteem, and cope with challenging circumstances. This chapter helps clinicians conceptualize shopping addiction and considers relevant issues such as hoarding disorder, neuromarketing, and the neuroscience of shopping addiction. Additionally, it helps readers gain knowledge related to proposed criteria for compulsive buying, useful assessment tools for shopping addiction, relevant treatment strategies, 12-step support group options, and diagnostic considerations.