The Well-Managed Ambulatory Practice









The ambulatory practice is the backbone of the United States health care system. Ambulatory practices exist in many forms – from solo, private, family medicine practices to the multispecialty, outpatient clinic enterprise of a large health system. The ambulatory practice offers many opportunities to enhance the care delivery process. Two of the more fundamental opportunities, which in the current environment are of import for future healthcare leaders, include cost and convenience. An ambulatory practice can be structured to provide high quality healthcare services with much reduced overhead from the traditional inpatient setting. The ambulatory practice setting is cost-effective, aligning well with one of the Triple Aim’s goal of lowering per capita expenditures, thus, creating an opportunity for societal benefit. Ambulatory care provides patients with choice and convenience given the ability to locate services proximate to patient demand. These qualities of the ambulatory practice among the others described in the book require a fundamentally different approach to management compared to the inpatient setting. As value-based reimbursement propels services to the lowest cost settings and patients’ expectations for convenient, accessible, affordable healthcare rise, a well-managed ambulatory practice is a necessary and vital component of an effective and efficient healthcare delivery system. This book provides current and future leaders with a thorough understanding of the foundations of a well-managed ambulatory practice. Commencing with the storied history of ambulatory care in the United States, The Well-Managed Ambulatory Practice takes readers on an evidence-informed journey designed to expand their knowledge about the unique aspects of ambulatory practice personnel; finances; quality, safety, and experience; organization; strategy; and operations. With the accelerating pace of ambulatory practice development and complexity, the book serves as an excellent source of contemporary knowledge and skills specific to leading and managing in the ambulatory setting.

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