Fast Facts for the Operating Room Nurse, 3rd Edition

An Orientation and Care Guide
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  • Criscitelli, Theresa, EdD, RN, CNOR








Every decade the perioperative environment changes significantly, mandating that surgical team members remain current with their skills and knowledge. Patient safety continues to be the foundation upon which this ever-changing arena is based. Evidence-based practices evolve from this foundation as new research lights the path to excellence in perioperative practice. This book is a very handy reference book with vital information that is easy to access, understand, and implement. Perioperative nurses and surgical technologists, whether they are being oriented to the operating room (OR) or are skilled healthcare providers, can use this book to guide their surgical practices. Students in academia who are being introduced to perioperative practices will find this book to be a valuable resource in their educational processes. The format for this reference book is based on the three critical themes of “Personal and Patient Preparation”, “Environment and Processing Considerations”, and “Surgical Basics”. While focusing on patient safety and recommended perioperative practices, the book highlights the all-inclusive skills required in circulating and scrubbing. It provides explanations and details about surgical techniques, practices, and patient care in concise, step-by-step, logical formats, with illustrations and diagrams to enhance learning. The book highlights evidence-based content that is built on current standards, guidelines, and recommended practices to promote patient safety and excellence in the perioperative setting. This easy-to-use reference book is a vital resource for every surgical suite and academic perioperative program. The book fits nicely into a pocket for easy retrieval and reference during the challenging days in the OR. Any perioperative professional will find this enhanced edition provides the valuable education and information required for critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the perioperative environment. This book is a must for updated learning and comprehensive orientation to the perioperative setting!

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