Handbook of EEG Interpretation, 3rd Edition

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This edition of the Handbook of EEG Interpretation promises to be the best iteration yet. Each chapter is written by a professor of neurology subspecializing in the field of epilepsy. As in any field of medicine, the best quality of care evolves and is reflected by new knowledge borne by the practitioner. In the case of electroencephalography (EEG), this knowledge is a function of exposure and of experience. Hence, the book hopes to fill a void that exists by providing quick and easy access to topics in EEG in the hopes of ultimately providing better patient care. The book reviews abnormal nonepileptiform EEG. In addition to the chapter on abnormal epileptiform EEG, these are foundational chapters necessary to provide an accurate clinical correlation and facilitate appropriate patient management of patients with seizures and neurological illnesses that may have management decisions predicated upon interpretation of EEG. The book summarizes pediatric seizures and the role of ambulatory EEG, in addition to video-EEG and adult seizures, new chapters to emphasize the increasing role of event recording with EEG. The chapter on sleep provides a focus on and correlation of patients with sleep disorders and epilepsy. The chapter on neurointensive intraoperative monitoring, adds very instructive information to performing a variety of monitoring techniques in the operating room, in addition to a chapter on electrocorticography, to expand on examples that involve patients with epilepsy, brain tumor, vascular malformations, and other diseases of the cerebrum. The excellent final chapter, magnetoencephalography, includes examples to illustrate the powerful source localizing capability of this technique. With completion of the third edition of the handbook, it is the authors hope that it will continue to serve clinicians young and old, experienced and novice, physician and technologist alike.

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