Pediatric Neurology

Clinical Assessment and Management








The complexity of current practice in pediatric neurology can be daunting to individuals who are new to the field. Within the last several years, clinical neuroscience has progressed at a staggering pace with more and more sophisticated brain imaging and physiological monitoring techniques, a deeper understanding of the genetics and molecular mechanisms of many diseases, and increasingly specific treatment options for many disorders. We are now able to effectively diagnose and treat many diseases that until recently would have been beyond our reach. Such exciting developments call for an accessible review of this complex topic. Pediatric Neurology: Clinical Assessment and Management is designed for trainees and nonspecialists looking for concise and targeted information on diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions in children. The book provides an introduction to clinical pediatric neurology and neuroscience with chapters written by pediatric neurologists from top national institutions, many of whom have made major contributions to the development of the field. The chapters emphasize key information and patient care concepts for novice learners to provide a broad window on the primary neurological disorders of children and current approaches to recognition and management. This book is not intended to be a comprehensive text, but rather a starting point for individuals who wish to delve into this exciting area and for practitioners in other disciplines who need to know basic concepts.

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