What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex, 3rd Edition

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When parents are not comfortable giving their children words for some of the most powerful physical and emotional experiences they will have in life, a veil of secrecy is created around the subject of sex that children carry with them into adulthood. Whether one want to embrace sex therapy as a niche for their practice, or one want to be a provider who “does” sex, this book is a clear, pragmatic entrance into helping clients of all kinds resolve sexual concerns—a raft of sorts to help navigate what can be a confusing area of human experience. In this updated version of the text, the author have worked with intention to be inclusive of sexual and gender minorities by not only updating the specific chapter regarding serving their needs, but by referring to current research about this population throughout. It becomes a book one can turn to again and again when almost any client presents with a sexual concern, reminding that there exists an approach and information to calmly tackle common, and uncommon, sexual problems. The book is a straightforward, inclusive, plain language textbook designed to take the provider who knows very little or who might be uncomfortable about sex to a place of knowledge and competence. This new edition covers: current research on sexual and relationship issues in sexual/gender minorities (S/GM); updated approaches to considerations of gender identity; the application of mindfulness in the treatment of sexual problems; expanded information regarding the sexological ecosystem; treatment of out of control sexual behavior and the new compulsive sexual behavior disorder ICD-11 diagnosis; and ethical considerations in making referrals of S/GM clients.

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