Neonatal Nursing Care Handbook, 3rd Edition

An Evidence-Based Approach to Conditions and Procedures








The health of newborns in all countries must be at the forefront of all activities (teaching, research, and service) if neonatal nursing is to embrace health for all and end preventable deaths of newborns globally by 2030. Neonatal nurses face an ever-changing practice landscape that requires swift decisions and actions. This book goes beyond providing an explanation of common conditions and procedures that are widely implemented in practice. It provides information on trauma informed care recognizing the role of toxic stress in the trajectory of health across the lifespan of the newborn, the mother, and the family. Evidence-informed practice improves patient outcomes and sharing knowledge about best practices (i.e., current state of evidence) is an important step in this regard. The book is a quick reference for nurses who care for the small and sick newborn. It addresses the most common conditions and procedures. The material is offered in an easy to use format and is meant to be a quick reference not a comprehensive one. It can be used by anyone providing care to this population. A systems approach is used in section I. Section II highlights special care considerations, and the final Section, III presents the common procedures, diagnostic tests, and lab values. The appendices house additional material on weights and temperatures, common abbreviations, and web resources. In this third edition, all chapters have been updated to reflect new evidence for neonatal nursing care. Additions include oral/nasogastric tube feedings, bottle feedings, high frequency ventilation and new ventilation techniques. There is a new section on neonatal abstinence syndrome and neonatal opioid withdrawal. The book can be used internationally to provide evidence based practice for consistent high-quality care in order to improve neonatal outcomes.

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